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Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical  Industry (or  shortly  in  Chenguang R.I.C.I) is  mainly  engaged  in   researching  and  producing  new  polymers  and synthetic materials. It originated in  several   well-known  institutes  (academics) and enterprises fromBeijing, Shanghai, Tianjing, Shenyang and other cities, and was set up in 1965.  From then on,   the  institute  has  become  the  one  of  main research and production bases in China.

Entrance of headquartersThe   institute  consists  of  4 branch-plants ,  a polymer pharmaceutical factory and a department for technical development.  It has nearly 4000 staff among  whom over 800 are technicians and engineers  .    It mainly   deals   with   technical development,   application research  and  production  of  silicones  ( fluids,  resins, rubbers and their compounds), PTFE  resins   and  dispersions,   fluoroelastomers and their compounds, epoxies, cyanuric chloride, new plastics, adhesives, medical polymers, anti- corrosion chemical equipments, co-rotated two screw  extruders. Since its  establishment the  institute  has   achieved  over  300  item  of  research fruits among which over 200 have respectively won the national invention  prizes issued by the   Ministry  of  Chemical  Industry  and  the   government  of  Sichuan  Province. The  products  of   the institute count up to 20 classes which are further divided  into 200 kinds with over thousand specifications, 14  kinds of  them have  received   the title of  " Top  Quality  Products "    awarded   by  the  Ministry  of  Chemical   Industry and  the Government of Sichuang  Province. They are widely used    in  the  areas  of  space, aviation, electronics,   petroleum,  chemistry, coal, textile,  automobile, machinery industries   and  so on.  Because  of  its  important contributions to the most advanced branches of science in the  areas  of  national defense and   the  industry  modernization,  the  institute   has  a  few  times been highly commented by the Party Central   Committee,  the  State Council  and  the Central Military Commission of China. And the institute got the ISO 9001 Quality Systerm Certificate in 2000.

The working analysts.

In the  institute there are some national  academic organizations  attached. They are the National Technical Commission for plastics Standardization,the National Quality Inspection  and  Testing  Center   for  Synthetic  Resins and  Plastics, the Information Center   for  Synthetic  Resins  and  Plastics  Industry, The   Editorial Offices of the journal " Plastics Industry " , and the journal " Silicone Materials and Applications", and  the National  Silicone   Engineering Center, The National Plastics Mechanics Engineering Center.

Authorized  by  Chinese  government to deal dirrectly 
with export  and   import business, the   institute warmly  welcomes  all  partners  at  home   and  aboard  to cooperate with us by opening international trading, running joint venture, or any other possible way, and the institute will provide customers with best service.

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