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Technical Information


Latest Update: July 2005

1. Description:

Perfluoroacetone, also named Hexafluoroacetone or shortly in HFA,  is a non-flammable gas. HFA is usually sold in the form of hydrate, such as trihydrate, which is liquid at room temperature. HFA 3H2O is widely used in organic synthesis as intermediates and raw materials. It could also be used as a good solvent to dissolve polymers like polyoxymethylene (POM) and polyesters, even natural polymers such as silk articles.

2. Physical and typical properties



Chemical formula


Molecular Weight



colorless and transparent liquid

Boiling Point ( @ 101.3 KPa )

104 - 106 oC

Density ( @ 20oC )

1.57 - 1.59 g/cm3

PH Value

min. 3


min. 95%

3. Packing, storage , transportation and precautions for handling

  • Packed in 5-liter polyethylene container. 5 kgs net in each package.
  • The product should be kept in a dark and well-ventilated place with temperature no exceeding 25 oC during storage and transportation.
  • HFA trihydrate is a liquid with some toxicity. Avoid skin or eye contact and inhalation during handling. Only use the product in well-ventilated place.  

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