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PTFE Powder CGF-238 (for making rods, tubing by paste extrusion)

Latest update: Aug. 2008

Molecular formula: [CF2--CF2]n
CAS No. 9002-84-0

Description: CGF 238 is the virgin PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) powder for the applications to make rods, tubing etc. by paste extrusion. Its typical end products includes wire and cable insulating coating, linings, hoses, tubing, sleevings for use with heat, steam, hydraulic fluid, etc...

Typical properties :



Bulk Density

470 +/- 100 g/l

Average Particles Size

550+/- 150 um

Moisture content

max. 0.04%

Specific Gravity

2.16 - 2.20

Tensile Strength

min. 25 MPa

Elongation at break

min. 300 %

Typical processing conditions:

- Reduction ratio : medium to high, perferred for the processing with RR in the range of 100 - 900
- Extrusion pressure (RR 400:1): 27.5  +/- 13.5 MPa
- Mixing ratio of CGF 238 to the liquid extrusion aids:   100 : 18 -25
- It is recommend to keep the temperature at  the operating area at 23 -25 degree C

Safety precautions

  • Toxic gases will be produced when the material is heated above 260 degree C. Ventilation system must be provided in sintering areas.
  • Sintering temperature should be below 400 degree C to avoid decomposing.


Packaging, storage and transportation

  • 20kg net packed in double PE plastic bags with a cardboard drum outside.
  • Store in clean, cool (5-20 degree C) and dry place
  • Open containers and use the material in clean environment only. 

Looking for other fine powder grades also for extruded tubing or rods ? please go for CGF 268A for higher RR at 400: 1 - 1500:1 , or find CGF 288 specifically for the high RR ( 900: 1 or more ) to make spaghetti tubing or thin rods.

For the PTFE extrusion powders for making sealing tapes by paste extrusion, please refer to PTFE powders  CGF-218 and CGF-206


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