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PTFE Aqueous Dispersion SFN-1

Latest update: Jan. 2006


SFN-1 is an aqueous dispersion of PTFE for general purposes with properties as below

  • With polymer solid content 60% (w/w),the mean particle size of the colloidal PTFE dispersion particles is 0.05 ~0. 5 micron.
  • With high stability against coagulation.
  • Nontoxic at room temperature.
  • Excellent chemical inertness,outstanding resistance to chemical corrosion,such as strong acid,alkali,strong oxidant,etc.
  • Outstanding resistance to heat,low temperature and abrasion.
  • Can be used at temperature range from -200 oC ~ +250 oC for long time.
  • Excellent electric insulation property,which is not affected by temperature and frequency.
  • Adhesiveless.
  • No absorption of water.
  • Flame-retardation,etc.


  • Be Directly used in impregnating porous materials,such as asbestos, glass fiber,metal,ceramics and electric carbon as anti-corrosion, sealing,anti-friction and lubricating materials.
  • Be used to make protection layer by spraying or brushing on many kinds of metal or non-metal base substances, with presence of primers.
  • Be directly used for PTFE spinning.


  • Appearance: Milky white emulsion
  • Specific gravity : 1.50 ~ 1.55
  • Solid content:  60%
  • S.S.G. :2.15~ 2.27
  • Viscosity: 7~10 mm2/s (25oC )
  • Melting point: 317oC ~ 337oC
  • Particle size: 0.1~0.3 micron
  • PH value :7 ~ 9

Packaging, storage and transportation:

  1. Packaging: 25 kgs net in plastic drum.
  2. Store SFN-1 at clean and dry place with temperature 10oC ~30oC. Keep away from sunlight. It is recommended to shake the dispersion in container slightly every 15 days during storage, and do it also  right before using.
  3. Transport SFN-1 as non-hazardous chemical. Keep away from sunlight and rain.
  4. Shelf life: one year since production.  When exceeding the shelf life, the product could still be used as long as it is re-tested and approved.

General precautions for handling

  • Store and use SFN-1 only in well ventilated areas
  • Do not smoke when using or processing SFN-1.
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Flush immediately with plenty of water  in case of contact with skin

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