PTFE Micro  Powder ( Lubricant Grade )

Typical properties (not for specification purpose)

Grade Appearance Average Particle Size, um Bulk Density, g/l Specific Gravity Melting Point, OC Applications
CGUF 201 White powder 4 250 +/- 20 2.2 333

* Addtive to lubricants, greases

* solid lubricant

* additive to sticky & wear resisting varnish

* additive to dry battery


Typical Applications

As one of additives to thermoplastics, thermoset plastics, and elastomers.

Being added in PC, POM, PA, PPS, ABS, PS, HIPS, PP, thermoset plastics and elastomers ( EPR, silicone rubber, SBR etc.), it could obviously reduce the attrition to the sliding parts, and the friction coefficient of the base substance.

Recommended usage: 5~25.0 % (by wt.)

As one of additives of lubricants & greases.

1.   Used as an ingredient, to formulate lubricating systems respectively used under lower load at lower rpm, under medium load at medium rpm, and under heavy load at high rpm.

Recommended usage: 0.5~7.0 % (by wt.)

2.   Being added into lubricating oils and greases to improve the lubricating performance under high pressure, and as well to increase the viscosity of the base oils.

Recommended usage: 0.5~40.0 % (by wt.)

As one of the additives of printer's inks.

It's an ideal additive and modifier to various kinds of printer's inks that achieves anti-sticking, less abrasion, improved definition and luster of the prints, durability against fading, good water-proof and moth-eaten proof, etc.. Its application in hectograph / gravure inks improves slippery performance, surface smoothness, luster and abrasion resistance that facilitates high-speed printing.

Recommended usage: 0.1 ~ 3.0 % (by wt.)

As an additive of paints.

Could be mixed with paints to be used in spray coating of industrial equipment, household goods, or used in anti-corrosion paints, special waterproof paints, and coating of wound metal strips providing benefits of anti-stickiness, flexibility, heat conductivity, durability and toner resistance etc.

As an additive of anti-sticky and wear-resisting varnish.

To improve the varnish's properties of anti-sticky, lubricating, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and wear resistance, also reduce its friction coefficient.

As an solid lubricant.

1. Being added into rubbers and plastics, it could not only avoid sticky-sliding during processing,  but also gives the base materials with many excellent properties of PTFE. It is also a quite effective mould-release agent for rubbers and plastics when the powder being mixed in at 0.25% by wt.

2. Used as a lubricant for gearing system in the circumstances that requires oil-free lubrication, such as high-speed engines, gearing system, and kneading machine,etc.

3. Added in oils, lubricating oils and rubber sealant to significantly improve their load-bearing capability, vacuum resistance, low temperature resistance and wear resistance.

Anti-sticky and wear-resistant spray

A spray could be made by mixing it with methane and butane to make the sprayed base substances with improved adhesion resistance and wear resistance.

An additive to dry battery

Used in dry battery to substitute PTFE dispersion. It can elongate the life of the battery, simplify the production technics and lowdown the cost.

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