Molecular formula:

PVdF namely Polyvinylidene fluoride is a kind of crystal polymer with low melting point (160 ~ 170), high mechanical properties, good resistance to wear , to high temperature, to corrosion, to weather and as well with  good electric insulation, high dielectric constant. Also it is anti-ultraviolet ray, anti-radiation and easily machined. With low processing temperature and good melting flow, it could be processed easily to make pipe, plate, rod, film and fiber. Its heat conductivity is poor.

Used as good anti-corrosion material in chemical industry, especially in the circumstances of acid, organic solvents, halogens, as well as their mixture. Widely used as insulation material in electronic / electric industries, computer industry, air/space industry to make cable sheathing, coating layer, and condenser film, etc.





1 SPECIFIC GRAVITY                 1.76 +/- 0.03
2 TENSILE STRENGTH                 no less than 39 MPa
3 ELONGATION AT BREAK                 no less than 100 %
4 DIELECTRIC CONSTANT (106HZ)                 no less than 6
5 DIELECTRIC FACTOR (106HZ)                 no more than 0.8
6 VOLUME RESISTANCE                 no less than 5X1011 ohm-cm

Note: The specification above is negotiable to fit customers special requirements.

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