Fluoroelastomer Copolymer Gum F2311Q
(Equivalent to 3M Kel-F)

Latest Update: Jan. 2006

1. Description: copolymer of VdF and CTFE

Molecular Formula : -[(CH2CF2)-(CF2CFCl)]n-

2. Properties:

  • With good corrosion-resistance,strong-oxidant-resistance,and acid-resistance in special,such as fuming nitric acid,concentrated hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide,etc.
  • Good heat-resistance,good physical and mechanical and insulation properties.
  • Working under 200 oC for long period. Working at 250 oC for short period.Brittle point is at between -20~-40 oC .

3. Main Applications:

    Widely used in aviation,automobile,petroleum,and chemical industries,etc.Can be made into rubber belt,tube,film,fiber-boned sheet and gasket,fuel tank and as dipping material.

4. Typical Properties:

Gum (before vulcanization)
Chlorine Content, % 19.1 ~20.2
Intrinsic Viscosity(30oC,acetone),100ml/g 1.5 ~ 2.4
Weight Loss at 200oCX24hr, % max.  0.3
Acid Resistance (weight increase at (18oC ~28oC) X168hr in 96% nitric acid), % min. 6.0
Voltage at Break Down, MV/m min. 21
Volume Resistance Ratio, Omega X cm 1.1X1014
Vulcanized Elastomer
Tensile Strength at Break, MPa min. 14.7
Elongation at Break, % min. 200


    In shady cool and dry place.

6.Transportation notes:

    Transport as a non-hazardous chemical. Keep away from heat,moisture and sunlight.


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