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Technical Information


Latest Update: Jan 2006

1. Description:

Synonyms: Perfluorocyclobutane, HFC-318, Freon C- 318
CAS  No. 115-25-3
UN No. 1976
Structural formula: octafluorocyclobutane_chemi_strc.jpg (5679 bytes)
Octafluorocyclobutane is an essential base material for organic industry. Under the action of plasma, it could form a thin film on the surface of some articles by polymerization. It is mainly used as a spray agent in foodstuff industry, or refrigerant. Its mixture with sulfuric hexafluoride is an dielectric medium, and it is also a medium in polymerization of fluorinated chemicals.

2. Physical properties

Molecule weight: 200.03
Boiling point: -5.85oC
Freezing point: - 41.4oC
Liquid density: 1.62g/cm3 (25oC)

3. Typical Properties




Octafluorocyclobutane content

min. 99.9 %

Unsaturated hydrocarbon content

max. 0.1%

Oxygen content

Max. 50 ppm


4. Packing, storage and transportation

The filling factor of the steel cylinder is 1.296Kg/L. The cylinder should be securely sealed to prevent leakage.Avoid fiercely shaking during transportation. Keep the filled cylinders in ventilated, dry and safe place , and stay away from heat.

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