Technical Information
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Modified PTFE granular CGM 011
for compress molding

Latest Update: Jan 2008



Compared to conventional PTFE granular, the modified PTFE granular CGM 011 features improved creep resistance and weldability, low permeability, increased elasticity, good mechanical and electric properties. Well suitable for sheet, gasket, PTFE linings, especially for those serving in the conditions requiring durability.


Technical data sheet

Grade Name CGM 011A CGM 011B CGM 011C

white powder. No metal impurities.

Tensile Strength (MPa) min. 28.0 min. 25.0 min. 22.5
Elongation at Break (%) 350 300 250
Bulk Density (g/l) 320 - 450 360 - 480
Average Particle size (um) 20 -70 70 -130 130 -260
Moisture Content (%) max. 0.04
Melt Point (OC) 326 +/- 5
SSG 2.15 - 2.20
Shrinkage (%) 3.0 -6.0


Safety precautions

n          Toxic gases will be produced when the material is heated above 260?. Ventilation system must be provided in sintering areas.

n          Sintering temperature should be below 400OC to avoid decomposing.


Packaging, notice for storage and transportation

n          25kg net packed in double PE plastic bags with a cardboard drum outside.

n           Store in clean, cool (5-20 OC) and dry place

n     Open containers and use the material in clean environment only. 


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