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PTFE Powder CGM 031-1 for molding

Latest Update: May 2005

1.       Description: PTFE powder for general moulding with medium particle size.

2.       Physical and chemical properties

l         Excellent chemical inertness.

l         Outstanding resistance to chemical corrosion, such as strong acid, alkali, strong oxidant, etc.

l         Exceptional resistance to high & low temperature, and to abrasion.

l         Can be used at temperature range from –200 ~ 250 ? for long period.

l         Superior electric insulation, which is not affected by temperature and frequency.

l         Non-adhesive to all other materials.

l         Non-absorption of moisture

l         Flame retardation.

3.       Molecular formula


4.       Technical information  


PTFE CGM 031-1


White powder

Tensile Strength

min. 25.5 MPa

Elongation at Break

min. 250 %

Moisture Content

max. 0.04%

Bulk Density

420 +/- 100 g/l

Average Particle Size

70 ~ 90 Ám

Standard Specific Gravity



max. 4.5%

Looking for the similar material with other range of  particle size ? Please contact us  for information.

5.        Processing Method: pre-forming by press molding then sintering. 

    Recommendation: pre-forming pressure: 20-35Mpa, sintering temperature: 375 degree C .

6.       Typical applications: plates, rods, pipe, gaskets, etc..

7.       Safety precautions

n         Toxic gases will be produced when the material is heated above 260?. Ventilation system must be provided in sintering areas.

n         Sintering temperature should be below 400? to avoid decomposing.

8.        Packaging, notice for storage and transportation

n         25kg net packed in double PE plastic bags with a cardboard drum outside.

n          Store in clean, cool (5-20 degree C ) and dry place.

n          Open containers and use the material in clean environment only. 


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