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Low M.W. PTFE Micropowder TL-160


Description:particle size (electron microscope)

TL-160 is low molecular weight PTFE micropowder. Its particles are with ideal spherical shape and narrow size distribution.Compared to other ordinary PTFE micropowders,  TL-160 has superior properties of excellent dispersing performance,  large specific surface area, low bulk density, high oil absorption, and low viscosity of its composites with solvents.


TL-160 is a solid lubricant, usually used as an additive to other materials.  Added into plastics or rubbers at 3% - 20%, it can reduce friction cofficient and improve abrasion resistance of the products ; other host materials, such as inks, greases, lubricant oils or coatings, can also benefit from the additive of TL-160 at  0.25% - 10% with lower friction, higher service temperature and prolonged service life. It can also be used for static spray coating as an additive to some organic solvents.

Note: Because of its inherent characteristics, TL-160 is not for molding or extrusion applications. Other brands of PTFE Powders of Chenguang are available for customers' choice for those applications.

Typical properties: (not for specifications purpose)


Appearance white powder

Average Particle size

( by laser testing method)

max. 10 um
Specific Surface Area 23 m2/g
Bulk Density 350 - 420 g/L
Oils absorption 0.75 - 0.80 g/ml
Molecular Weight 10,000 - 20,000

Packaging, storage and transportation:

  1. Packaging: 20 kgs net in plastic bag with cylindrical cardboard drum outside.
  2. Store TL-160 in clean, dry and cool place. Keep away from moisture, avoid being pressed both in storage and during transportation.
  3. Transport TL-160 as a non-hazardous chemical.

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