Dimethylemino Ethyl Methacrylate(DM)

1. Formula:


2. Properties:

With unsaturated double bond and tert-amine bond in its molecular, the DM can polymerize easily, and be quaternary ammoniumized. Its polymerizing product is a polyelectrolyte.

Physical properties:

Density, d420


Refractive Index, nD20


Boiling Point


Flash Point


Viscosity, 30oC

1.24 mm2/s

Solubility Solve in water,alcohol, ketones, ethers, esters, hydrocarbons, etc.



Colorless or light-yellow transparent liquid



<= 100

Water Content


<= 0.2

Active Part Content


=> 98.0

3. Use:

  • In treatment of polluted water;
  • In making capsule for acidic agents;
  • In extracting petroleum to raise oil yield as acidifying cracking liquid; 
  • AS materials for invisible glasses;
  • As anti-electrostatic agent for fiber, rubbers;
  • As catalyst of fire retardant PU;
  • As additives of coating, adhesives, cosmetics, and fast-cure cement; 
  • As stabilizer of polyoxymethylene.

  4. Packing, storage and transportation:

  • Packing: In plastic drum or iron drum lined with plastic.
  • Storage: In dry and cold place. DM can polymerize easily.
  • Shelf time: 6 months bellow 25oC; 3 months between 25oC~30oC.Beyond the time, it still can be used after being tested and qualified.
  • Transportation: As non-hazardous chemicals.

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